The housing shortage in Davis is now so severe that many students can’t find a place to live. Many commute from other cities or crowd into single family homes around town, and some have faced homelessness. Some of the benefits of Measure J ("Student Housing at Nishi") include:

Ideal Location for Students to Live


Students Want Convenient Housing Close to Campus.. and Downtown Davis! 

Residents here can easily walk or bike to campus and downtown Davis.  This will free up some homes in neighborhoods around town that were originally planned for families. It will also help solve the parking problem downtown! 

Affordable Housing for Students

nishi UCD students

Groundbreaking, Privately-Funded Affordable Housing Program! 


The owners are required to privately subsidize hundreds of beds every year for the life of the project!  This will help the most financially-challenged UC Davis students achieve a higher education for generations to come.

Excellence in Sustainability

bike path.png

Powered by Solar, Zero Net Energy, LEED Gold, and

13 acres of Designated Open Space



The Nishi property was chosen over 60 applicants for a grant by the California Strategic Growth Council for being the best site for sustainability. And, all energy used will come from renewable sources, and a 7-acre urban forest buffer will improve air quality in the vicinity and reduce the carbon footprint.  

Less Traffic


Instead of Commuting, Residents can Live Here Car-Free!

The site encourages walking and biking as the primary form of transportation through its location, limited car parking spots, and over 2,200 bicycle parking spots. This means fewer students commuting from Woodland, Dixon, Sacramento and elsewhere. Less driving = less traffic. 

Funds Our City & Public Schools


Helps Fund our City and Davis Public Schools!



According to the City of Davis Impartial Analysis and the City's Finance and Budget Commission this project is fiscally positive and will help fund our city and schools.


*** NOTE:  This project received unanimous votes from both the City Council and Planning Commission.  For final approval, it's up to you!