Location of the "Nishi Parcel"

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The Nishi Parcel is adjacent to UC Davis, the Mondavi, Arboretum and Downtown Davis.  

Project Features

Some elements of this project include:

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Up to 700 Apartments w/ 2,200 Beds, including a Guarantee of 330 Affordable Beds for Life of Project.


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A maximum of 10,000 square feet of ancillary ground-floor retail, office and service space

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13.6 acres of open space including 3.3 additional acres in the Putah Creek Corridor (bike loop)

Urban Forest Buffer designed by Don Shor

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Solar powered with goal of Zero-Net Energy and participation in the Valley Clean Energy Alliance




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Our Public Schools get $2.1M, our City gets $15M, and it's Net-Positive Annually in property taxes!



Other Features:

  • Recreational amenities and 8 computer-friendly study buildings in convenient locations
  • Project will contribute $200,000 for community enhancement programs for civic arts, carbon off-sets and downtown parking plan implementation.